Summer Break

What it's like to have an industrious Norwegian mother from Wisconsin;

Ring Ring

Me: Mom! It's your first day of summer break how do you feel?

Teacher mom: Oooh! It's so nice to be able to finally relax. Phew! I've been waiting for this day forever.

Me: So what are you going to do today? A movie?

Teacher Mom: Oh, today I'm going clear EVERYTHING out of all the kitchen cabinets and wipe them down. Then clean and wax the cupboards, the floor and both hallway banisters.


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Kathi D said...

That sounds like my mom, except she was a Southern gal who SHOULD have been more relaxed!

jen duncan said...

Sounds like my mom, too. She retired at 65 as a third grade teacher...that lasted maybe a year and now, at 71, she pretty much works fulltime as a sub 'cause she might look useless to society if she turned down the work. Her idea of a weekend off is mowing and manicuring both front and back. Preferably in the 110 degree heat, so that when she comes indoors 85 feels cool!

Julianne said...

Cleaning like that only takes place in my house when I move!