Blogher08: Recovery

I'm trying to rustle up some pictures from other attendees because I took none. I actually didn't bring my camera to the conference at all. The back is falling off and I figured security would think I was trying to bring some kind of McGyvered camera bomb onto the airplane. But I recall screaming "Email it to me!" a few times so I hope I get something.

We stayed at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco and oh my God but those beds are comfortable. They gave me no freebies to encourage me to say this, and if you doubt me I'll show you my room service bill that has the $5 diet coke on it. But I would barely lay ass on that bed and I would be fast asleep. Which leads me to believe that my occasional insomnia has more to do with our crappy mattress than anything else.

I liked the layout a bit better when the conference was in Chicago. Only, because there were a few main pass-through areas were you inevitably hooked up with people. While the winding hallways of the Westin were a little less meet-up friendly. But the rooms the sessions were in were big and lovely and had great audio (thank God!) so I could hear almost everything.

The food, the sponsor suites, the swag and the exhibit hall were all very generous. I managed to snag a 10 minute massage and many random gifts for the kids. I was prepared to be all, "Check it out...mommy got you a STRESS BALL!" when I unpacked. But because companies like Sesame Street, Leap Pad and Sprout where there I had free goodies like Word Girl comic books and a Waggle DVD.

The sessions were interesting, but the people even more so. I still have to dig all my business cards of the suitcase. So I'll tell you more about who I met and what they were like once I get my dirty clothes in the washer. I also want to talk about how awesomely the swap meet went! And what it was like to be part of a session panel. But the kids are still humping my leg. They are having a hard time with the fact that I was away so long. So I only get 15 minute blocks of time where I'm allowed to have my eyes on something other than their cereal eating demonstration.

More later if you can stand it.


Mamma said...

It was so good to see you. I love your jewelry even more in person. I got so many compliments on my ring.

You all run over to Lotta's Etsy site and buy some now. I know I need more.

Kathi D said...

It has been a while since I had little kids around, then last week I had kid visitors, and I quickly remembered that they want an audience for every little thing they do.

Swinging: "Look! Look! Look!"

Coloring: "Look!" "Look at MINE!"Look!"

and so on. Kids are so selfish. (Thank you, Kathy Griffin.)

flutter said...

it was SUCH a pleasure to meet you

Angel said...

A while back I bought the little spoon earrings off you and reading Mamma's comment reminded me of the day I went out to eat and the waitress actually grabbed my earring without warning (in my ear) to admire it. She thought they were cute. :)

While I was thinking of it, figured I'd tell you about it. :)