Gorgeous Knobs And Other Photos

I'm taking a cue from Jessica and trolling Flickr for other people's photos of Blogher08. I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me to go out and BUY A DISPOSABLE camera to take pictures with. I was clearly too busy strategizing about how best to look as grumpy as possible during my session.

Jessica was insanely supportive of the Mom O Matic/Etsy venture. She wore black and red clothing for the whole event so that the button ring she bought from me would work with every outfit. She gave her roommate (swoon) Bossy a ring I made. And pretty much forced everyone who was wearing one of my rings to do a wonder twin powers activate salute when they saw each other. She's just a smok'n hot and incredibly nice lady. Frankly, I'm flattered to even register on her radar.

The gorgeous redheaded Amy from Greeblemonkey took this picture for me because I couldn't stop fondling the antique doorknobs in my room at the Westin. They were like these smooth crystal balls. My palms are itching just thinking about them.

If you didn't already know it, Amy is an incredibly talented photographer. Check out her beautiful flower photos on Flickr.

This may be the only picture that exists of my nice roomie and I. We were at the swanky Ruby Skye reception when Flingitgirl took our picture. While we were there someone mentioned that the club reminded them of a CSI episode. The one where the techno music is playing so loudly that you can't hear when the girl gets murdered in the bathroom. Pretty sure I held it till I got back to the hotel.

Here I am with Julie Pippert on the last day. The two first, and only, members of W.O.A.H. thus far. Julie is insanely calm and logical and lovely. You feel soothed just listening to her talk about what she ate for breakfast.

I think I've got one last BlogHer post in me after this one and then I'll call it a day. I still need to talk about the other girls I flew to San Francisco to see (and am missing something awful). The writers I shamelessly stalked, and the new bloggers I discovered. Oh and the swap meet!


Suzanne said...

Aren't the Westin Hotels the home of the Heavenly Beds? I remember coveting that bed when we stayed at the Westin in Charleston. Imagine my delight when I found out that you can order the whole darn shebang online.....mattress, box springs, linens, everything. I'm still working on the Farmer to buy it for me.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Lotta said...

Suzanne - They are! They are way out of our budget. Though one would cure my insomnia in an instant. I long for the bed and the doorknobs.

Oh, The Joys said...

What do you mean "radar" - you're my friend, silly goose.

PamKittyMorning said...

You look completely cute in the photos! Sounds like it was great fun. xo

jen duncan said...

I think I'd do some major fondling of those door knobs, too!
Just wanted to say you look great. All that worry over nothin'!

Cecily said...

It was very cool meeting you at BlogHer! And that was a very apt description of the club. Heh.

Lotta said...

OTJ - Well then I'm flattered to be your friend woman.

Pam - Thanks!

Jen - The were so smoooth. True. I should have spent my time thinking about who I wanted to meet instead of worrying about my tan.

Cecily - You too!

Kathi D said...

I agree, you look FABULOUS, darlink!

slackermommy said...

I miss you already and I love my ring. I get tons of compliments.

I just remembered something at the swap meet that I don't know if you noticed. I was looking at your rings along with some lovely lady I don't know when we both went to grab the same ring. I got to it first and the other gal backed off and gave me a territorial look and I'm thinking, shit girl, there's another one that's the exact same thing. It was a good thing that moments later when we were admiring the ring on my finger I pointed out to her that there was another one. Turns out she hadn't noticed there was two of the same. I'm so glad that I pointed out that there was another otherwise she may have felt pissy and wrote a post about how I'm a mean girl who dissed her and stole her ring at BlogHer. The funniest thing of it all is she ended up buying another ring that I wanted. Just goes to show how easy misunderstandings happen. Sorry to ramble.

Julie Pippert said...

Lotta, you are just awesome. I loved getting to hang with you.

And I still really want a kids' jewelry kit for my daughter. She should totally summer with you---you're all creative and crafty and talented like her. She'd love it.