Hello. My name is Lotta and I need some help.

I signed up be a part of Blogher08's swap meet. It's during lunch, from 12:15 - 1:45 PM in the Olympic Room, second floor of the Westin. I'm sharing a table with Little Alouette and her hip and cute wooden toys.

Here's where it goes downhill. The session that I'm a panelist in ends at 12:00. And the swap meet starts at 12:15. There is no way my hinder can hightail it from the session to the swap meet and set up my goodies in 15 minutes.

Is there anyone going to BlogHer that wants to help me set up the table ahead of time? Artfully arrange some button jewelry? Perhaps hang out for the duration and whack me on the back occasionally if you see me starting to hyperventilate with "no one wants to buy my crap" anxiety?

I will happily pay you back in cocktails, prescriptions and/or jewelry.



Katrina said...

You know if I were going I would help you in a heartbeat. But I am not...so I am useless.


Lotta said...

Katrina - I know you would. So said you're not going.

By the way, if you are the only person that replies to this post I will feel like a total asshole.

Nina said...

Yay, you're not a total asshole!I don't know you personally but I read your blog every day (so I kinda feel like I do) and I admire your Etsy shop so I'd help you out if I were there.

jen duncan said...

Well, poop. Maybe if I'd known it was just down the road in SF I'd have planned on going! Truth is, I never even heard about it til I read it here. I'd come down just to help if I didn't have to pay the whole participant thing. Let me know if it seems there's no other alternative and maybe I'll come down anyway.

Katie J said...

There's a theme starting here, but I would truly help you out if I were there. Good luck, but I'm sure someone will step up and help.

tre said...

hey there...fun blog you have ;). suggestion: post this request in the blogher 08 conference discussion area...and / or post it as a blog under your regular theme....and another idea: ask littlelouette...she sets up..you clean up...you guys share sales a bit...i dunno....i would lean away since you're doin a panel...i am mik wrangling at same time ...another thought: get your goodies set up ahead of time on fabric or felt that you can fold up and display simply by unfolding. you gotta know i'm not a jewelry maker but have displayed here/there...you can also say to folks while you are setting up that you were doing a panel. nothing like live...and setting up draws attention. in the end, you're giving this your all...trust it. much goods gonna come...you can even announce it as you wave farewell to folks in your session. but i'm a big one for women supporting one another and folks will GET that you just did a panel.
i surely will....i'll come on down after miking and help out however.
have fun :) Tre~

Judi said...

Honey..... If I was going..... I'd be all up in that bitch!

I wish like crap I could help ya! Good luck!

Lotta said...

Thanks all! I'm feeling calmer about it. I think if I'm late, I'm late. Tre's right on a bunch of points.

But if you want to sit with me I'll still be your BFF.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Guess what? I'm not going either....SEE! There are a lot worse things than being late to a swap meet!

DAMN! Stinking Mr. Mayhem and his winning a trip (for the whole family) from work! :)

slackermommy said...

Did you find anyone? Cuz you know I'll be your jewelry bitch.