Gentle Mothering With Lotta

Son: Mom! Daughter said ASS!

Me: That's a bad word, you can't say ass.

Son: Yeah! You can't say ASS!!

Daughter: I can't say ass?

Son: No. You can't say ass.

Me: Can we all stop saying ass now.

Son: Ok. We won't say ass again mommy.

Daughter: Yeah. We won't say ass. Cause ass is a bad word.

Me: Goddammit, stop saying ASS!


Summer said...

LOL That made me spit my drink out! I've got a pretty bad potty mouth and not always the ability to hold it in around the kids. At least they weren't having the discussion somewhere really public.

Katie J said...

Have you seen this clip?
This is what came to mind when I read your hilarious conversation with your children. So, just tell them to say buns instead, m'kay?

Lotta said...

Summer - Um, yea sure...we weren't in public. Sure.

Katie - Hilarious! I hadn't seen that.

karrie said...


If it is any small consolation, my son has been running around proudly announcing that fuck begins with f, F-U-C-K spells FUCK!-- which is why gronwups call it the f-word.

Stacey said...

We're you eavesdropping in my car yesterday? I had almost the exact same conversation with my boys.

Carol said...

ha ha ha
Reminds me of when my sister's kids ran around the church office tattling about which one said "shit".

Carol said...
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Carol said...
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Ms Picket To You said...

This made me laugh and kind of jerk around stupidly, that I knocked over my coffee. Then I said shit. Which all three kids repeated in unison.

Kelly said...

Haven't we all experienced this at one time or another?lol

Mom of 5 said...

I can't get my 22 month old to stop calling people "dumbass". She uses it correctly, at least. I'm trying to do better. The other day I caught myself and stopped at 'Son of a...'. Well, it didn't do any good, because she finished it for me anyway.