My First Knock Knock Joke

Knock Knock

Who is it?


Narcissism who?

Oh my GOD, I can't believe you don't KNOW ME!


Suzanne said...

I'm sure there's a very interesting story behind this knock-knock joke.

It probably involves someone who's a legend in their own mind.

- Suzanne

seven said...

I love it. My boss told me that once when she was younger, her family was sitting around telling jokes... her little sister (10 years younger) wanted to get in on it, so she said, "I have a joke! I have a joke!" Her family said, "Okay, let's hear it." She then proceeded to say, "What's the difference... between a clock."

jen duncan said...

LOL! After yesterday's post I too wonder if maybe there's a story behind this joke. Irregardless; it's funny!
Glad you're back. And safe. And had a good time. :-) Bet the kiddies missed you like crazy!