Stress Dressing For BlogHer08

A week ago I got an email from Igigi, a very nice plus sized dress shop. It was a general marketing email, a "Hey we've got some new stuff" kind of nudge. So I emailed them back and said, "Hey, I would like some of that new stuff. But I can't pay for it." Not only didn't they laugh, but they sent me these three pretty dresses so that I could try them on and choose one to wear for a BlogHer08 cocktail party. (I have to send the other two back.)

I wanted this to be the dress I kept, but I just didn't have the boobies to fill it out. Actually, I learned that my shoulder to booby ratio is pretty short. So there was a lot of extra fabric that would have needed to be taken up in order for me to keep my knockers tucked in. Having tried this one on I def. would have asked to try on this dress instead. I think I could have used the ties on the top of the shoulders to make it work.

But the fabric that they used was awesome. Totally not clingy, and thick enough to skim over your bulgy bits. Very pretty color too. And the puffy sleeves were not annoying, they draped very well. I think my only edit would be to kabosh the pockets. Because they tended to gape when I was trying to wrap the dress tighter to figure out the boob problem.

Tailored Portrait Collar Dress In Navy

I have no complaints about this dress. It's awesome. So well lined that everything hangs perfectly. I'm a hippy girl and worried about belting a dress that flared out. But it looked very nice, actually made me look less hippy. I didn't choose this one only because the fabric was a little heavier weight. But it would be an awesome fall dress. Especially if you worked in an office that had a suit and tie dress code, but wanted something with a bit more personality.

Shirt Dress In Charcoal

Hello, loved this dress! Again awesome fabric, which I know I keep saying but really most plus sized dresses have such cheap clingy fabric. Really nice for a pear shape too. I was very suspect about the big belt, but I think it works. You can tell me otherwise if you see me in it at Blogher. Husband didn't like how shiny the belt was but I had no issue with it. I did keep wanting to slide the belt downward to my "true" waist. Because it actually buckles slightly above your waistline. Making you look much skinnier - but it's a sensation to get used to. I had to keep looking in the miror to assure myself I didn't look like Ed Grimley.

I also ordered this dress from Alight twice (in 2x, then 1x), and returned it twice. I love the Blue Plate styles - but it fit so poorly. Even with Spanx. And it was pretty sheer, despite a white cotton lining. Drag.

But thank you Igigi for sponsoring my plump ass at one of the BlogHer08 cocktail parties! Now I can afford to buy some drinks when my free drink tickets run out.


Amy Kate said...

I love the dresses! After you posted Igigi's body description, I haven't been able to stop checking out their clothes! That last one is adorable, you'll be a smash!

Jennifer said...

I'm sure you will look lovely! Be sure to post pics.

bernard n. shull said...

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Kathi D said...

Nice dress! I actually like all three. I love the "portrait collar." So flattering!

You made a good choice with the shirtdress. That will be good for all kinds of occasions!

Miss Jess said...

Cute dresses!