New Goodies In The Etsy Shop

I stocked the shop back up! I've got a few items that people have been asking for;

Some sweet new earrings.

A new young girl's section that has cute (well at least I think so) things. Fruity bracelets, pewter charm necklaces and such. Much more in the works for this category so please check it again soon!

Anything else you would like to see? Let me know!


Lunch Buckets said...

Are those fans? I wish I new someone in the midst of menopause - I'd so totally get those for her :)

SoMo said...

I am loving this crop of jewerly. I might even buy something, but for the girl. I don't think I am dangering enough to wear such spectalur and eye catching ornaments on my body. I know, I am dud. Oh but my daughter is going to love this stuff.

Keep up the good work. I may just have to come back around Christmas time.

Lotta said...

Lunch - That's a cute idea!

Somo - I'll be posting some more subdued pieces soon. So check back!