Stepping Light

The second bottle of Mag Citrate was (ahem) effective. No X-rays for me! I'm light as a damn feather. I'll be 37 at the end of this month so I suppose this is only the beginning of embarrassing medical conditions eh? Aren't you lucky dear readers.

On that note, I think I'm kinda, sorta back from my blog vacation. I had a whole lotta time on my hands during my self imposed crapper quarantine. But not a whole lotta energy. Which meant I was forced to lie around and watch movies, read books and blog.

Next week is the last week before I bawl uncontrollably school starts though! I'm actually really excited for the kids. But a little annoyed to have to buy generic share with the entire classroom school supplies. Where's the fall fun in that?

I also hope to see my new friend-crush Gwen if we can coordinate. Debby introduced us at BlogHer08 when she figured out that we lived within 20 minutes of each other. So we had a playdate and took our kids to the zoo. Much to the the kid's delight, we ignored them the entire time. We overshared and bonded all day. Gwen's fantastic. She's like Penelope from SNL, only totally not annoying and you wish she did live next door to you.
I talked about smashing up boxed cake mix with my bare hands - She talked about making a chocolate ganache.

I love books - She's getting her masters in Library Science.

My dad is a minister - Both of her parents were missionaries that travelled the world.

I was an Au Pair in England for a year - She spent her childhood in boarding schools in Indonesia and Malaysia.

I got a Learn French In The Car CD because I love the Foo Da Fa Fa song - She speaks Indonesian.

I'm pretty sure I owe Debby some money for this introduction.


Kathi D said...

Again, may I say how pleased I am not to have been in your way when the medicine hit.

Congratulations! It is educational to learn just how important certain "normal" bodily functions become when they decide to, er, crap out on us.

Captain Dumbass said...

Glad to hear you're... ah... functioning. I'm saying nothing further since I'm a year older and haven't had this problem yet and don't want to curse myself.

Think I'll go find a bran muffin.

Angelina said...

Thank god you're back from your blog vacation. When you have a moment, can you tell me two things:

how you have 614 feedbacks for your Etsy store but "only" 300 something sales? So weird.

but also: how do you get so many sales? Any secrets? I mean, besides the fact that your stuff is so amazing? Jewelry on Etsy is so competitive- how do you get people to find your shop?

I don't think I've ever told you how much I love the jewelry you make. I love it!

Angelina said...

Oh- and I meant to say I'm so happy that your bowel situation has been resolved without x-rays. And yes, from here on out life is just a string of impossibly embarrassing medical tests and situations!

That's where we get most of our wisdom. Right?

Lotta said...

Angelina -

Feedback: I bought on Etsy for about 2 years before I ever sold. So I have feedback that reflects that. Plus I buy a lot of supplies from other Etsy sellers so that gives me feedback too.

Sales: I used to (and still will if anyone wants to pay me) do interactive marketing. So much of the shop promotion I do is kind of second nature. I don't even think about it. But here's what I can think of...

1.) Project Wonderful Ads - these help a bit.

2.) Graphic Mail: I've done this twice during a free trial and each time I've gotten some nice sales.

3.) Posting in forums

4.) Contests, when I first opened I did a lot of giveaways with all my favorite bloggers.

5.) Blog, I would say that 80% of what I sold the first few months was from Mom O Matic readers. Which is really cool. Then word just spread.

6.) Listing. When I first started I was really good about listing at key times (morning, lunch and 4ish). It helps keep you at the top of the search. Renewing is ok - but people like to see new items if you can. This hasn't been something I've been able to do in awhile though.

7.) Love it. This is really hokey but I LOVE making that jewelry. I LOVE sending it off to someone like a little gift. I think that good energy kind of draws more good energy.

The best advice I can give you is to do 3 things a day (online) to promote your store. Some days it might be a small thing like listing. Other days you might put your stuff in a giveaway. It'll come! Good luck!!

Lotta said...

PS - I bought one of those car stickers with my URL on it about 5 months ago. I still haven't worked up the courage to put it on the car.

ALM said...

Yeah, Gwen's cool.

Glad you're feeling better!

Angelina said...

Thank you Lotta. I have been much better at the listing frequently (especially building up inventory) and I think that's helped a lot. I've also been getting sales from some of my blog readers which is great but I do sometimes feel a little guilty because once I was talking about how poor we are right now (not joking) and that day got three orders from readers and I knew they were being supportive but it felt like charity and that's not what my blog is for.


But I haven't spent time checking out the Etsy forums. I've been doing more checking out other Etsy shops and favoriting ones I really like. I can't buy anything right now but I figure it can't hurt to window shop and let people know I'm there and that I like their things.

I'll get back to you in an Etsy message on your offer!!

I never thought of the feedback to buyers, shit, I need to do some of that. I always forget.