It's a start

Husband's been in the middle of another crunch at work. These times come around every 3 months or so. Times where he needs to work till 9 PM, and then setup a makeshift office on the kitchen table when he gets home. And weekends are filled with deadlines for him too.

In the past, I know I've been less than mature about his overtime. To be fair, it's exhausting taking care of the kids 24/7. But he's an awesome guy and works insanely hard for our family. And so this time around I've resolved to try and be more supportive. The kids and I got him a gift card to Corner Bakery so he could grab a decent meal at the train station. We drove him into work Sat. and Sun. so he wouldn't have to deal with weekend commuter schedules. And I've been trying to have the kids call him at work when they miss him so they aren't so bummed about it all.

But this past week was especially intense for both of us. Son had a horrid stomach flu and needed to sit on my lap or vomit on my lap all day. Daughter, well she's 3. And frankly even a good day with a 3 year old is still a day with a 3 year old.

Then after a week of nutty overtime, husband stayed up till 1 AM to wet vac our flooded basement last night. Trying to save the carpeting we could barely afford to install in the first place. Then it flooded again today undoing all the work.

So after putting the kids to bed this evening I decided I would clean the house, scrub the bathroom and make an apple cake. (Don't get too impressed, it was mix from TJ Maxx). That way husband would come in the door and instead of seeing a hurricane of a house and wild eyed wife - he would get a a serene, good smelling environment. With cake!

9:45 PM, Husband enters the house.

Me: Hi! I made you a cake. Do you want some cake?

Husband: (Sitting down). Um? Maybe later.

5 minutes later...

Me: Boy I'm full. Too much of that cake. But it's such good cake. Amazing really.

Husband: Mmmm.

5 minutes later....

Me: You getting up? Gonna get some of that cake I made for you?

Husband: No. I don't think so.

Me: Hon?

Husband: Yeah?

Me: Eat the fucking cake.


Darla @ UltraBeautyBoutique said...

LOL! Eat the fucking cake. Nothing like a little persuasion.

Judi said...

I've soooo been there and done that! You couldn't keep my wide ass away from any cake in my house....... I HATE SKINNY HUSBANDS!

(That "hate" part was just for dramatic purposes.... I love my skinny husband.... I just hate his appetite & willpower...... the filthy bastard!)

Katrina said...

Amen to that!

nikki said...

Eat the fucking cake and LIKE it. Then again at our house cake doesn't last long enough to have to pressure someone to eat the damn thing.

Gwen said...

Your basement flooded? Suck!

That cake smells awesome, though.

The Introvert said...

I am so using that line. He complains I never bake for him. THIS IS WHY!! Partake in my delicious confections before they turn moldy or I will not waste my precious time!

Amy Kate said...

In addition to the beautiful pot roast with veggies that I made last night, I decided, last minute, to do an apple crisp with some fresh Michigan apples we got this weekend. Oh, the house just reeked of autumn deliciousness.
Husband came home, immediately made gravy for the pot roast (I don't like gravy and seldom make it. He's a culinary student and whiz and loves it) and promptely turned the pot roast and veggies into, well, stew.
Then claimed he was too full to even TRY the apple crisp. Which I then spitefully ate, with vanilla ice cream.
And then wondered why all my size 10s and 12s got soaked in the basement and weren't in my closet upstairs in regular rotation. I blame him and his disdain for dessert items for my inability to get under a 14.

Natalie said...

You bust me up. I just had to let you know this story is familiar and beautiful, and sitting here in the trenches... well, you just had me laughing out loud. Thank you.

Kelley said...

Girl, I would have done the same damn thing. And then punishment by cold feet on testicles when he is asleep.