I found a purse I was lusting after marked down by like 75% the other week. I think I freaked out the lady next to me at TJ Maxx when I gasped so loudly. But Petuniapicklebottom? For $25? She would have wet herself too.

So I'm sharing the fun and doing a BIG, like HUGE markdown in the shop. On EVERYTHING. It only lasts till Wed, Sept. 10. And once it's done, it's done. Then I hope to start posting some fun Halloween jewelry. Stuff with blood (or stones that look like blood), vampire fangs and sterling silver. And a few cute pumpkins.

But seriously check it out, I've got things up there for $3! Have fun! Go nuts! Tell me you found me via my blog and I'll put another surprise your in package. I'm just that nuts.


Lotta said...

Thanks for all your purchases! I hope you all are having fun at the sale! said...
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My name is Keegan Hurd with Tiny*prints.

I found your blog through the comment you left on goodmombadmom blog a few weeks ago.

I couldn't find any contact info other than leaving a comment.

I'd like to discuss working with you.

Please contact me at at your earliest convenience.



Lotta said...

The grave is a hoax!

I suspect the seal is too. Damnit. Bu that vomit looks super real.

Lotta said...

That sale was a blast! I'll have to do one after Christmas too!