Engrish Favorites

One of the things that makes me belly laugh the most is misunderstood English. It's just adorable and hysterical all at the same time. Here are a few of my favorites from Engrish.com.

No wonder he's hogging the remote all the time.

Godamnit. Baby.

It rubs the rotion on it's skin.

Yeah. Happy that.

I might have to pass on the internal organs tonight.
They just aren't my thang.

Just so long as we're clear about the pants.

A love song to a disinfected cup. I can get behind that.


Kelley said...

I be discovered Engrish thang tomorrow.

Yeah, lame attempt at the Engrish. Dammit I can only do the talk like the girls from the Hills thang. Like, totally.

Becky said...

That cup wrapper drove me nuts until I finally figured out it was a Billy Joel song. Now I've had "The Longest Time" in my head all weekend!!! Thanks, Lotta! :)