JamieNoel's Diaorama Jewelry

I think that JamieNoel's necklaces are just too clever and cool. She has a Zoltar fortune telling necklace that dispenses actual fortunes!

And, oh my gosh, look at the detailing in her Jack O Lantern King locket!

You really should check out her entire shop, because it if filled with ingenious designs!

PS - Today is the last day to enter the Enhabiten giveaway.


Bejeweled said...

What wonderful lockets! Like little works of architecture!

Thanks so much for stopping by mt blog! *Your* blog is very lovely and fun and sassy :) Love it!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

that is freaking amazing.

Kimbo said...

what a wonderful idea! good luck with these pieces!

rebecca said...

that's very cool.

Lulu said...

thank you for showing this store - so cool!