Like Your Friend That Sells Amway, Only Better

I love this bracelet. Even though after reading Deb On The Rock's post last night I can't stop thinking that the antique, acorn, glass button dangling off the end looks like the head of a penis. Damnit Deb!

I'm still going to make button jewelry, but this bracelet inspired me to reinvest my sale profits into some gorgeous glass beads. And some handmade earring hoops. I'm going to try and do some more upscale sterling silver necklaces and earrings, and some more wrap bracelets of course. The vintage aesthetic and color palette is so burned into my brain I couldn't shake it even if I wanted to (and I don't want to). So I hope the new things I make keep that same feeling.

Someone suggested that I open another shop for the new pieces that I want to make. Since they might look different from what I've created so far. Lord that sounds exhausting. Do you think it's ok if the Automat just gets a bit more eclectic? Kind of scattered like my brain? With items like this piece? (It's not listed yet)

And forgive me if I am like your annoying neighbor that keeps trying to get you to buy into her monthly vitamin club. Or order a set of homemade Geese clothing. Or $30 stone pizza trays.

I know I have shop talk on the brain. Possibly because it's easier to think about beads then the current family reality. The reality being that the kids are getting bigger (and vomiting a lot with the flu). And it's exciting (the bigness not the vomit) and melancholy. One minute I'm stoked to have free time again! The next I'm having weepy flashbacks of swaddling their wee bodies into tiny cotton blankets. With little cotton caps.

Shit. Somebody pass me a box of condoms.


Gwen said...

How about this extra packet of the Pill?

My daughters are in love with your jewelry, btw. Charlotte keeps asking when she can go shopping on your site. No penises for them, though, okay?

(And sorry that it was the stomach flu and not just a preponderance of blue drinks. Blech!)

Lotta said...

Gwen - Oh it was the stomach flu alright. I got home from our dinner to take the night shift at the vomitorium. Today he feels great and is begging me for McDonalds, steaks, anything to fill his belly. But I keep having flashbacks of scraping macaroni noodles off the bedroom floor. And I'm like, eat your chicken broth dude!

I'm so glad they like the jewelry! I just put some more children's things online too. And if you ever (oh God here's where I start to get like the Amway friend) need party favors for birthday those hairslides would be a hit.

And next time we go out I owe you a couple of drinks. No need for you to be buying $20 margaritas!

Kathi D said...

Oh lordy, don't open another shop! Waaaay too much trouble! People can accept your virtuosity.

And I'm pretty sure a baby would be a lot of trouble, too. I know, because I have two baby dogs now, and I can't remember when I last showered. Or ate. Or slept.

Katrina said...

Ok I call DIBS ON THOSE EARRINGS!!! Don't open another shop, too much trouble. And speaking of growing up, Max got his first hair cut today....WAAAAAAAAA!

Lotta said...

Katrina - You got it! I just got your Buddha charm in the mail today! As soon as I get the nice sterling chains I ordered I'll post it for you.

jen duncan said...

Hey Lotta--Hope your burn is feeling better. Don't open another shop. I did, and the first one got so ignored (by the public and then me) that I really only have one. But etsy won't let me close the original one. Or transfer over the 102 feedback. oh well.

Tilly said...

I love your birdhouse ear-rings. Are the wires actual silver? Anything else makes my ears all green and nasty.

Lotta said...

Tilly - I believe they are silver, but not sterling. However, I can find some sterling wires for you if you want them remade. Just let me know!

Lulu said...

The Amway references are hilarious, especially as I grew up in the center of the scAmway universe, Grand Rapids/Ada MI. In fact, our last house in Ada was less than a mile from world headquarters...anytime that a friend called and said "I have an interesting and unique proposition for you....." we couldn't bar the door fast enough..

You are not even close to Quixtar!!

Don't open a second store. (I've only had one store for a month with no sales - what do I know - but I believe everyone else. :))