Product Alert: Oville Redenbacher's Natural Popcorn Spill

So I made the kids a bag of Orville Redenbacher's Natural Popcorn today. I put it in our microwave, let the bag sit for a minute. Then pulled it out and watched as a super hot arch of butter flew out of the top seam of the unopened bag, across my wrist and about 1/4 of it landed on my purse. You know how hot steam is when it comes out of the top of a microwave popcorn bag? Well imagine that in clingy, liquid form.

A burn or scar on my wrist is no big deal. But it freaked me out that my kids were standing near the microwave and could have easily gotten burnt when the hot liquid came flying out of the bag. (What's with the inordinate amount of liquid butter in the bag anyhow?) So I iced my wrist and called Orville's customer service to let them know what happened.

The woman was very nice, said she would pass it along and then offered to send me $10 as a an apology. I tried to explain that I'm not the McDonald's Hot Coffee lady and I didn't need any money. But that this disturbed me because this was the second bag in this box that had done this. But the first time I assumed that it was just a fluke. I suspected that these were not the only two bags out there that were defective. Could they put out an alert so no one else got burnt? Let people know that the seams of the bag are not closed shut as they normally would be.

Frankly, I' m nervous that this will get "passed along" and then nothing will come of it. So I'm boring you all with "the power of my voice" by posting this complaint on my blog. But please do me a favor and stumble it or Kirtsy it or something. Pass it along and let your mom friends know they might want to be extra careful handling this brand.

Update: I'm closing comments because I'm getting all sorts of not so nice ones. But for the record. I'm not suing anybody. They can even keep their $10. Just trying to give everyone a heads up so they don't get a face full of hot butter. And apparently I'm not the first one to complain to Orville either;

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