This is how we do it.

I got to meet Gwen at Cafe Salsa for margaritas this week. So nice! She was a little late and so I went ahead and ordered my drink. Needless to say, I was already very "relaxed" and chatty by the time she got there.

The conversation went something like this...

Me: Yeah. Sometimes my husband can be a bit emotionally unavailable. Just kind of withdraws.Doesn't really communicate his feelings very well.

Gwen: (Sympathetic noises.)

Me: It's totally HOT!

It's true. I love my hot nerd husband. If a man is intelligent, and into a singular occupation/interest to the point of absorption. I'm unbuttoning my shirt. Throw in a quirky, strange sense of humor. I'm soft like butter. But add a bit of emotional detachment. Hello! Is there somewhere we can lay down?

Yeah it's messed up. I'm sure it stems from some issues. Issues that I'm not even going to articulate because they are probably really creepy. But who cares? It works. And I found a hot nerd that's a great guy too. So what do I do to my fantastic find? Torture him.

Later that same night..

Me: I told Gwen that the fact that you have a hard time expressing yourself is kind of a turn on.

Husband: Mmm? Yeah? Is the news on?

Me: So. What is it about me that you find attractive?

Husband: I don't know. Everything. Do you want some popcorn?

Me: But what SPECIFICALLY do you find attractive?

Husband: (Yelling from kitchen) I can't hear you.

Me: What EXACTLY is it about me that makes you get all hot and bothered?

Husband: (Looking nervous) Um. You know. Everything. Do you want this popcorn or not?

Me: I totally want you right now.


jen duncan said...

Well of COURSE you torture him. What else is there?
Lotta, I've been meaning to share this with you all day. Have fun laughing out loud! (also check my blog for a funny John McCain voicemail msg).

Hetha said...

You kill me Lotta. I've got a totally hot nerd on my hands too.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

You have summed up a man perfectly! We are SUCH gluttons for punishment!

EmmaK said...

my husband is a hot nerd who is a totally nice guy and not that emotionally unavailable except for every now and then he will be in a sulk for three days - I don't bother anymore asking why as he always says nothing's wrong

Deb on the Rocks said...

They are deep rivers, those nerd boys. But they don't hang swings off of near-by trees, do they? Just gotta jump in.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Holy crap. This is why I love you.

Deidre said...

Mmhmm, I am in the market for a hot nerd boy - preferably one from Australia...