Craig's List Finds

Mama Fidel got me hooked on browsing Craig's List. Then I told her I was using it to look for a new mattress, maybe something that was in a guest room and had never been used. Cause we are cheap and our checking account hovers at around a $20 balance.

Mama Fidel told me that it was really gross to buy any soft surfaces on Craig's list because you never know what people aren't disclosing.

But I think she's wrong. Because I found a few very honest Craig' list postings just today...

This person tells you right up front that his friend died on the couch he's selling.

And this person tells you there is still a lot of life left in his mattress. It's true, there are at least two areas that haven't been stained with urine yet.

So there. Mama Fidel.


Amy Kate said...

LOVE IT! I, too, am constantly trolling CL for stuff, and have gotten rid of lots of stuff, and have found lots of stuff on there. And we are, ironically, looking for a new mattress, and I keep thinking somehow I'll find one on there that isn't horrifying but i'll have to lie to hubby and tell him it fell off a truck, as he's in MamaFidel's camp, for sure!
I was just at the Sears Outlet in Bridgeview, and they had mattresses there. I don't know details (like who may have died on it) but they had a queen set for $180 or so...I was eyeballing washers though, so didn't investigate too much.

Helena said...

How very honest to tell that his friend died on the couch he's selling. I think I'd keep that quiet.

Amy Kate said...

FYI - I reconfigured our tiny bedroom the other day, and we have like 3 feet of space on the side of the bed, so my husband was all about getting a new mattress (Um, moving from FULL to Queen. Hi, I weigh about 190-something and he's around 240-something and we sleep on a full bed. Come on!)
I brought up the Craigslist thing, and he was okay with it. LOVE IT!
Since our budget for stuff around the house goes like this: New washing machine, new screen door, vehicle repairs, and then, finally, new bed.
So I have the go ahead to be disgusting and search CL for one. I feel gross, but only because I feel like i should feel gross.