Everday Stranger

Everyday Stranger
emailed me to let me know she posted a self portrait of herself wearing a pair of earrings from my shop. I was like, "What earrings?" because all I see is gorgeous red hair, big eyes and pretty lips.


Helena said...

The earrings are really lovely!

And I'm loving the quote above the photo. I will borrow it for my Words of Wisdom on my blog if you don't mind.

MsPrufrock said...

I had no idea Everyday Stranger had a pair of your earrings! Silly cow never mentioned it when I was bragging about your rings.

I have stubby, midget fingers with chewed fingernails, so fear not, I won't be sending you any pictures of your rings on my hands!

Lotta said...

Helena - Of course not!

Msprufrock - There is a reason why my chubby beat up fingers don't model the rings either!

Helen said...

I'm coming here more often!

And Pru - you're the reason I found those earrings after I followed your link! I have a true, deep complete Etsy weakness when I see great things. And these earrings? Truly great!