Foo On You Kazoo

So Little House On The Quarry hinted that she saw a politically incorrect show on PBS about kazoos but wouldn't share which program. That's just cruel cause I spent 20 minutes looking through kazoo videos on YouTube trying to figure it out.

This is the "best" kazoo video I found. I swear to you that I thought that old guy was about to say "Fuck you Taffy".


Amy Kate said...

Oh my god, that is hilarious! I am pretty sure I'll be using "Foo on you, Taffy!" on a lot of people in the coming days, weeks, months!
But that's not it! It wasn't something focusing on kazoo playing. It was a really good documentary called Big Enough, I think, on POV, chronicling day to day lives of little people, and there was a scene where there was like a party at someone's house, and they were all little people, and they were dancing the music of KAZOOS - like frantic crazy Kazoo playing! Foo on THAT, Taffy!! (It would have been hilarious and weird with non-little people, but I just felt really inappropriate posting all about it!)