Gross Halloween Candy 2008

Last Halloween I found some really gross Halloween candy. "Could I find some again this year?", I wondered. Yes. Yes I could.

That's all you got? Toe jam? Where are the Belly Button Lint Licks?

Ahh. Edible Warts. You win.

Perhaps for the urologists Halloween candy bowl?
Or for the Dermatologist?

Wouldn't I give my therapist something to talk about if I went into his office sucking on one these!

That's all I've got. I can't stomach finding anymore right now


Fran said...

Now that's my kind of candy! So funny!


mark said...

I'll go for the obvious one... So if you give someone one of the last candies you mentioned, is that called giving head (too)?

SoMo said...

I was looking for some ideas on different candies for our Pumpkin party, but I had to pass them by because, YUCK. I can bare to have a bowl full of fingers on my table, no matter the holiday. I know I am a downer. Chocolate and cookies it is!!

I find it weird that an old guy's head taste like watermelon. I thought it would taste like old, moldy cheese, but that is just me.

Amy Kate said...

I saw the zit candy at the dollar store in Countryside (By Best Buy) and, had I not just lectured the 4 year old that we were going in JUST FOR GUMBALLS and nothing else, I would have picked up 80 boxes of them and randomly sent them out all over the place. Love it! Need to find the old man heads.

Helena said...

Zit poppers.... eewww!!!!

Magpie said...

So, is that what you're handing out to the local kids who don't say please???

Omg Lia said...

oh my god hahahhha! those are great!