Halloween Stash

I had a bit of a consignment shop bummer today. I had put together a special order of sterling silver charm bracelets and necklaces for a local shop. Including a small stash of Halloween charms. When I went by the store to see how things were going I found out the jewelry had never been put out. It was still in the plastic bag that I gave it to them in. I'm puzzled because they were pretty enthusiastic about getting these on their floor before a village art walk in early Sept. Ah well.

At any rate, I swooped it all up and took it home. I think I'm done with consignment. Though I am debating doing a home party. Maybe collaborate with some other local Etsians to put together a Handmade Holiday shopping party. I'm not sure I'm that organized though.

Here's a shot of a few of the items I brought home - though I'm sorry my photo doesn't do them justice. If you would like any of the pieces please leave a comment with your email. Or email me directly Then I'll send you a Paypal invoice. Otherwise, I'll be photographing these in a better light and trying to get them up on Etsy by the end of the week. But I know Halloween is coming soon, so I thought I would post these here tonight at least.

From left to right:

  1. Vampire Teeth (Taken)
  2. Sterling Silver Witches Hat and Broom charms on an 18" Sterling Silver chain. $38
  3. Pewter Skeleton earrings on gunmetal ear wire. $12
  4. Sterling Silver Moving Jack O Lantern Charm. The top opens and closes! On an 18" Sterling Silver chain. (Taken)
  5. Sterling Silver Witches Cauldron and Broom charms on a 7.5 inch Sterling Silver charm bracelet. $38

  1. Vintage Sterling Silver Moving Cuckoo Clock Charm. The tiny little pine cone weights move up and down! On an 18" Sterling Chain. (Taken)
  2. Vintage Sterling Silver Fan Charm on an 18" Sterling Chain. $30
I've actually got more items that I took back, but they are Thanksgiving themed so they aren't as pressing to get out there. Thanks for all your sweet comments in the last post. I've definitely decided to stop pissing in my own pot and do something positive about the situation. More later...


jen duncan said...

For the most part, people kind of suck at promoting stuff that doesn't belong to them. I've had similar consignment experiences here. Sorry that happened.