I Put It In My Piehole

Diary experiment: Day One.
Breakfast: Light yogurt (yea!)

Snack: Hot chocolate with skim milk. (Kinda yea.)

Lunch: #1 from McDonald's. (No fucking yea.)

Snack: Diet Dr. Pepper and 2 pretzel rods.

Dinner: Beef Sandwich and 1/4 cup mashed pots. (So much for the promise of eating WW 0 points veggie soup for dinner to make up for lunch.)

Dessert: Taffy Apple

Update: Add another Taffy Apple and a big old bit of husband's pumpkin pie. Sigh.

End eating at 8:00. Stopped counting points when I passed 30.

What I learned;

1.) Called my doc tonight and told him that without the Strattera I have no willpower over eating. That despite fantasies of being stimulant ADHD skinny - the Focalin is just not working for me in that way. Plus around 10 PM when it wears off I get really sad and kind of mean. I'm stopping by to pick up a scrip for it tomorrow so I can switch back.

2.) The hot chocolate set me off. I'm going to try and keep the sugar down to nil tomorrow. That sweet delight - even with skim milk - made me want a savory salty lunch of badness.

On a positive note;

1.) I DID take a huge walk around the block and to the park with the kids today. And I gave up regular soda which somehow creeped back into my life.

2.) Technically, the taffy apple counts as a fruit.

This day was a total failure as far as counting points goes. But I think I'm gonna do it. Just might be slower on the uptake. Another piehole post tomorrow night...


Amy Kate said...

Being able to see what you're doing in black and white should kick your ass a little bit into gear (said the girl who is still teetering dangerously close to a certain triple digit milestone that I swore I didn't want to ever hit non-pregnant). I think perhaps you're inspiring me to get my own ass in gear. I gotta do something. I can't even button pants!!
You're aware of what you're doing, and, really, that is not SO bad of a day (said the queen of justifying who ate lots of gelato and drank a lot while on WW).
Keep it up, Lotta!!

Shania said...

I've been reading for a while. I think this is my first comment, but since my memory is shot, I'm not sure! Have you considered making the piehole entries a community project? Whoever's interested could post their own and everyone could link each other. It could be just enough public humiliation to make me keep my piehole shut!

Emmie {orange + barrel} said...

I feel your pain. I got off my ADD medicine last year. It was really rough for me, but in the end it was a really good decision. I wanted to eat everything in sight. I mean everything. I wasn't used to feeling hungry, and I thought that Adderall was in complete control of my eating habits and without it, I had no control. I was a hot mess for a few months. I stopped taking my meds in October of last year, and I think my diet was back to normal by January. I don't know if this is helpful..but best of luck!!

~Diet Goddess~ said...

Day was not a total mess, girl! You were aware of what you ate and that's a start. Baby steps!

What would you have had if you knew you didn't have to "show" it to us all tonight? Would you have changed anything? Did "telling on yourself" have an impact on your choices? Is there anything we can do to help? Could I ask any more damn questions? Is this the inquizition? What?

Lotta said...

I hope so. I don't feel defeated. Just hungry actually. I may have to add some 94% fat free popcorn to this list.

Anyone that wants to join in is totally welcome to! I've started 2 groups before and both have been neglected. A person posting about her ADD might not be the best person to rally the troups in an organized way. Ya know?

But join me please!

marymurtz said...

I don't want to post my piehole intake on my blog, but I need to write it down, especially after thinking I had a heart attack last night and going to the doctor today to hear her say I need to take better care of myself.

I had a high fiber granola bar and coffee for breakfast.
Lunch was double fiber wheat bread with a shmear of peanut butter, a shmear of butter, and a slice of swiss cheese.
Dinner was a spoonful of shells and cheese (nasty) and some oven fries made with no fat, which were wonderful. I ate an apple on the way to my evening meeting.
Right now I'm eating a bowl of cole slaw mix with a little light ranch.

What I really want, though, is the leftover Chinese food in the kitchen and a couple of snickers bars.

Amy Kate said...

OK, I may need to start posting what I put in my own piehole, as I took the kid to preschool, came home with the baby, and without batting an eye ate 2 KitKat minis, a leftover homemade enchilada from dinner, a little box of Nerds, 2 more little KitKats, and 1 mini-Reese's cups.
Best part? We don't even get any trick-or-treaters because we're the only house on a busy street. So WTF with me having all this candy anyway?
I need a dose of shame.

Miss Jess said...

I started WW again about a month ago. I have a bunch a freinds who are doing it with me as well and we email each other everyday to go over what we ate and how many pts it was. It's a good check in and keeps you accountable. You can do it. You HAVE done it before and know it works! Don't deprive yourself of anything either. Just count the pts and move on. Thank God for the Flex pts right?

karrie said...

I know WW works for so many people, but for me, it made me obsessed with food--which in spite of my heft was not something I had struggled with in the past. I was always hungry from binging on low point foods and obsessing over points and how many I had left and on and on.

I think it is great that you're honest. I'd join, but nothing ever seems to work for me. I think I'm a lost cause at losing unless I'm suddenly accepted into the cast of a draconian weight loss reality show. :-)

Gwen said...

No chocolate chip cookies? I guess *I'm* off the hook, then.

I don't know how to eat healthy without obsessing about food. Although one thing that helped me when I was losing weight was NOT watching the evening TV commercials which are all about food. Another reason to get TiVO, and I'm not kidding.