I've Got Orange Pants I Wear Them When I Dance

I love finding a kid's CD that doesn't make me want to tear my ears off. And if I can find the lead singer attractive, well that's what we call mommy porn. (It's not wrong). For awhile it was Ralph, but honestly he lost me when he stopped cutting his hair.

I've always thought the singer from Bare Naked ladies was dead sexy. He's no Jemaine, but he's got voice, irony and best of all he's Canadian. I just melt when I hear him say "a-bowt". And the band's new kid CD Snack Time is fantastic. The lyrics are completely random and that's how we like it around here. You can sing, "Ms. Mary Mack" till your face turns blue. But we like to sing about Ninjas and Erasers.

Here's "Raisin", the kids favorite pick;


Raisins come from Grapes
People come from Apes
I come from Canada
I came in first place
In a non existent race
To rebuild the Parthenon

The Parthenon's in Greece
Or was it in Grease 2
I can't keep my movies straight
When I make mistakes
I use a lot of salt
Cause salt makes mistakes taste great

I don't want to be a bother
But I think you're in my seat

I've got orange pants
I wear them when I dance
But I don't get out that much
You are just too loud
I passed you in a crowd
Thank you and keep in touch

I don't speak Chinese
Not even like "please"
"Thank you", or "how are you"
But I can parle Francais
I parled a bit today
It seemed like the thing to do

I don't want to be a bother
But I think you're in my seat


Tuna Girl said...

I love Ed! Love him! Have for years.

I'm actually a little bit sad that my kids are too olf for kiddie music.

Okay, not really.

Amy Kate said...

I love them love them love them and will have to purchase it. My little one loves "La La La la Lemon" on the "For the Kids" cd we have in the car. I confess, I like it to, and sometimes modify it with the 4 year old to use whatever letter they are working on at pre-school that week.

zandor said...

That song is pretty awesome.

Katrina said...

Ed is so friggin' hot! Er, I mean I dig that song. ;o) Max would love this cd!