Rings and Ass Cancer

Two announcements.

1.) I'm going in to scope out my tushy this Friday. This means I'll be swigging the gross stuff all day today, so this is my last post till it's over. Better for both of us that way. A heine holiday if you will.

2.) There are some really cool new button rings in the shop. Check it out my friend. If you would like a ring, just contact me and let me know you are a Mom O Matic reader after purchase. I'll refund you $2 off the total. I love you that much. Mostly cause you let me talk about my butt.


jen duncan said...

Hey girl--That ring looks super duper. You have the best buttons!! Good luck with the booty biz. Thinking of you.

Michelle said...

Good luck w/the butt rootin'..I just had this done..the day after my bday to be exact...yes..I had to clean out on my bday.
I hope everything is fine:)
CUTE ring too:)

zandor said...

Hi. That ring is awesome.

Grim Reality Girl said...

I'm the cheerleader on the sidelines: YAY you! You can do it!

Okay, the reality is shitty... but if you work it they will give you really good drugs... work it.... best case scenario = you remember nothing... shoot for that.... it is much better than only getting weak drugs and then you are trying to crawl away during the nasty scope... nope, do that shit and the orderly will lay on you while the scope is up your @$$. Not as fun as it sounds... trust me.

Drugs.... may they be generous with you.