Hunting and Gathering

I've been calling and emailing all of the good consumer product companies I have contacts with lately. And in doing so, I've managed to procure a couple of great giveaways. Including, two really nice ones from Leapster and one from my new advertiser SkinCareRX. Of course I'm also trying to rustle up some nice Etsy sellers too!

The goal is to get enough great items together for a Too Broke For Christmas giveaway theme. I know we are all feeling it this year! I'm hoping this will take some of the dread out of Christmas shoping.

I'll be reviewing some of these products too, so you know if they're worth your dime. And I think I'll launch this baby the day after Thanksgiving? The week we all rush to get our holiday gifts done and on sale. But maybe sooner? I would like to do a giveaway a day for at least a week so it depends on what I have to offer you all.

Stay tuned, and if you have any contacts (because I can count mine on my left hand and still have fingers left) or a great Etsy shop please email me! tsvobo1526 (at) comcast (dot) net.

Update: I've got a Roomba to give away now too! Still waiting to see if I can get you all some Nintendo - keep your fingers crossed!


Deb on the Rocks said...

Where did you find that darling Danish illo????