I'm a little uncomfortable with that Ronald

Remember how son got freaked out by Ronald McDonald? Apparently, he got off easy. Ronald's become a lot less skeevy since the early days when he sat alone in the dark and invited children to eat burgers off his crotch.


mark said...

Want to make it even more creepy? That's Willard Scott.

Angel said...

That is pretty darn creepy! However, if that really is Willard Scott as mark mentioned, that just adds to the creepy factor. Something tells me that no gig could get worse than that.

I can see why Ronald has changed so much over the years!

MsPrufrock said...

Creeeeepy. When I was a kid we went to see Ronald arrive by helicopter onto a football field, simply to wave if I remember correctly. I don't recall having to eat hamburgers off his crotch, but it's quite possible I've blocked a most unpleasant memory.