New and Favorite Etsy Things

Vintage Celluloid Ring.
I made this from an old clip earring. I think it looks like a bride's bouquet.

Apple Juice Resin Ring.
This looks just like a Bakelite button. But it's actually a vintage earring made from resin that I converted into a ring.

Sterling Silver Squirrel Charm Necklace.
I used my last glass acorn bead on this necklace. I loved how faceted and pretty these were.


Christina said...

I love the top one! :) I fav'ed it!

Jenny said...

Love the ring on the top!! Look forward to seeing them IRL at your jewelry show!!

Lotta said...

Oh yeah! Glad you are coming Jenny! Bring friends!

Helena said...

The top one is gorgeous!

Diana said...

love, Love, LOVE the squirrel!