English Lessons With Lotta

Remember those funny English language videos that were circulating awhile back? "Spare Me My Life! I Was Robbed By Two Men!" Well there's more!

Call 911 I've got the squirts!

I debated posting this next video, as it's a bit nasty. But it's worth watching the whole video just to:
A.) Root for Toshi.

B.) Listen to the teacher sarcastically say, "Hey Toshi, come on", like any good Chicago wife on a Friday night.

C.) To wrap your head around "My grandmother gives good head."

D.) To be able to ask friends in the know, "Have you prepared a memo pad?"

E.) To be able to curse out someone in the know and then say, "Let's use it constructively."
NSFW my friends.

Still with me? Cause I saved the freaking best for last. This English lesson is absolutely NSFW. And absolutely hysterical.


Anonymous said...

Where do I begin??

Toshi has got some hot lovin' coming his way!! Is this English lessons on Japanese porn channels?

All I really can say is that many times I have wanted to tell my children to go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself. Does that make me a bad Mom?
Toshi doesn't think so!!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Great. Now I have bad diarrhea with a Japanese accent.

Lotta said...

Toshi knows where it's at.

Jenny - I hope your multicultural squirts didn't keep you from the other two videos. Cause they are even better!

Katrina said...

You are killing me! LMAO!!!