10 Rubber Bins

Woman On The Verge blogged about how she was going to give away her books to starving kids in Botswana or something like that. And I wanted to pitch in. But I had already donated most of my books to the Brookfield Library after watching one of those You Own Too Much Shit shows.

I think it was the one with the Australian host. He's the one that tells you if something is really a cherished memory it should have "a place of 'onaah in your home". A statement I don't agree with. Because I cherish the hell out of a onsie with a schmear - but it's not going to be honored in a shadowbox display anytime soon.

But as I sit and stare at the tower of 10 plastic tubs of Christmas ornaments we need to put out, I wonder if it isn't time to listen to the Aussie again. Sort and purge a bit. Decide what's important and what goes.

Every year I do try and smuggle a few things out to the garbage. Last year it was a terrycloth guest towel with sparkles and a crocheted top. This year I pitched one of those snowman whirligigs that you are supposed to hang outside your door. Not because it wasn't cute, but because it near gave me a seizure anytime I focused on it while walking up the front steps.

But the truth is my kids love it when the house looks like Saint Nick hosed it down with his good cheer. When son was 3 he was really sad after we decorated the house because we didn't have enough Christmas decorations. So I took him to Kmart and we tinsel'ed the hell out of all the rooms. He was stoked. And we've brought those mangled sparkly garlands out every year since. And he's always like, "Mom remember when we got these!" Which actually reminds me why having 10 Rubbermaid bins is totally worth it.


K said...

Oh yeah....got about a dozen myself. But I have different themes! I can't part with any themes! Madness!

marymurtz said...

The only Christmas stuff I'm getting rid of are about a dozen silver glass ornaments that I got on clearance at Target about 6 years ago, which are each about the size and weight of a softball. Those suckers are awful to try to do anything with, they bend the tree branches, they are loud when they fall, and I discovered this year that I hate them. They're going to Goodwill this year.

Otherwise, we have about 300 ornaments and get new ones every year. And I'm not going to stop that at all.

Gwen said...

And you're giving me a hard time about my blinking Christmas tree pin ....

Lotta said...

K and Mary - we just need bigger homes. Not less boxes.

Gwen - Only cause I'm jealous that I'm still wearing my Halloween pin.