Giving You The Support You Need

I was looking for "funny vintage ads" in Google and came across the clever corset ad I used to make my new banner. The best part, is that it's on eBay if you want a copy of the original (pre-Mom O Matic bastardized) version.

The seller, AntiqueandVintageAds, actually has a few funny ads for sale;

An aspirin that makes you gay when you need to have more fun.

A gasoline that renders you impotent so you can cut back on "traffic boners".

Or a company that encourages you to flee on the bus if your family is too goddamn messy.


SoMo said...

So by reading your blog my but will become smaller, right? What recourse do I have if it doesn't work? Don't mean to sound cyncial, but I have tried EVERYTHING! :)

The Introvert said...

Those ads are fantastic! Copywriting used to be so much more interesting. I had no idea Midol was making me gay!