Save Handmade

This funny video shows yet another reason why we need to Save Handmade.

Funny aside, it's actually pretty heartbreaking to watch handmade businesses prepare to shut down entirely because of the the new Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act. Cool Mom Picks does a great job of explaining what's going on as well as how you can help.

But in a nutshell, the new act was well intended to protect our children's safety. Especially, after all the horrible scares we had in the past year. Like finding out our kid's plastic beads were actually laced with the roofies.

The problem is the the expensive testing the act requires is going to rub out handcrafted toy businesses. Businesses often run by moms that can't maintain the same safety testing budget as a large corporation. No more cute plush dolls, sweet little girl bows, hand sewn baby quilts or natural wooden blocks. And that's just sad.

Surely there are some obvious solutions? Even something as simple as requiring small handcrafted businesses to include a label stating that the product was handmade and listing the materials used. Then allowing parents to make the decisions for themselves. I hope they figure this one out before the crafty mom and pops take the hit.

Save Handmade Toys


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