Scrambled Brain

I went to the Doctor today because I actually read those side effect/warning labels that come with my prescriptions. Which means I'm quite certain that at any possible moment I'm going to fall into a seizure or stroke out. So when I had 4 days of nosebleeds with a nonstop migraine I figured my brain would pop open like a Jack in the Box if I didn't go in.

But my blood pressure was fine. Anemic? Kinda, nothing a hamburger wouldn't cure. Mostly, I had a dry-ass nose and a crazy bad headache. I was told to shove some Vaseline up there and rub it around. After which hearing, I had to bite my lip not to remark how I'd been given this advice before in entirely different circumstances. Instead I stashed a bunch of Immitrex samples in my purse and apologized for taking up his time with my dry boogies.

Then at dinner husband asked if I was going to take daughter into the Doctor. I had forgotten that we are hoping she has a raging ear infection. Why you may ask? Because she's been flipping a biscuit for the past week and if she isn't sick then we are so screwed. It's been like a scene from The Miracle Worker around here. And we are hoping, in a very lazy parent way, that it's nothing a round of antibiotics won't fix. Though without a fever in sight I fear we're just in for a very long December.


Judi said...

Dude..... my pedi told me that kids don't always run fevers with ear infections! There is hope..... there is hope.

Every single one of my kids act like total turds when they are sick... usually an ear infection.... it's the only way I know they are sick!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya'll!

LSL said...

Holy crap, this one's funny. A nice way to start my morning.

Amy Kate said...

Oh! We just had a rotten kid and it turned out it was an ear infection that wasn't knocked out by a round of amoxicillin (that she had for a sinus infection). I thought she was just turning into a rotten kid and I was going to try to make it to Nebraska to safe haven her ass before they change the law.
And then we went in for her 15 month check up (a week after the amoxicillin) and she had a horrible ear infection. She had NO fever, NO ear pulling, just being a beast. So a $50 (WTF?) prescription for Augmentin (well, the generic of it anyway) and she's right as rain, back to her normal, only-kinda-a-pain-in-the-ass kid behavior!
Go get that kid some drugs!
And shove some vaseline in an orifice...and rub it around (that's what she said!)

Wendy said...

Sometimes when I have a sinus infection, my nose just gets dry and my head hurts something awful. A Sinus Rinse gets the sinuses moisturized, and the gunk runs out. Presto! I feel much better. If green stuff runs out, I go back to the doc for an antibiotic Rx.

Sounds like something is making its way through the family. We just had it too. Good luck!


Wendy said...

Oh, and I want to add - I also had the bloody nose with this one.

Lotta said...

Amy - As always you are cracking me up. Um..drinks?

I forgot about the feverless ear infection. Might be worth the copay to rule that one out.

Joie said...

Son has ear infections almost monthly (with tubes) and never has a fever.