To The Person Who Found This Blog

by Googling;

"Moms orgasm"
"Mom needs orgasm"
"Giving mom orgasm"
"Mom orgasmic"

I think it's fantastic that you are doing the necessary research. However, it worries me that you keep referring to the subject as "mom". If that's your actual mom you're concerned about then you really should be Googling, "How to break this freaky Oedipus complex". But if you're the husband, then it's likely that the reason she can't come is because you keep referring to her as mom.

I hope that was helpful.


SoMo said...


Jacob L @ Safe'n'Dry said...

lol. i think it's funny that you took the time out to respond to that. I hope this post keeps coming up in google just for that reason.

great creations by the way!


marymurtz said...


K said...

Good lord have mercy! LMAO!

PamperingBeki said...


I'm always amazed at some of the freaky searches that lead to my blog too.

Samantha said...

Oh my. wtf.