Best Ad Ever.

I'm putting an ad on Craftastrophe for my shop. (And they've got one on Mom O Matic too!) Because I love them and also they are Canadian. And I'll do just a-bOwt anything for a Canadian.

I wanted something that would jive with the awesome tone of their site but still show my jewelry. I decided to work with the fact that I get teased for making jewelry that looks so nipply. But I'm totally limited in my graphic design and couldn't bring the idea home. So Sam from Temporarily Me worked her magic to make it into this awesome button for me. I love it!

Do you have any 125x125 ad space? Cause I've got an ad for you now!


sam {temptingmama} said...

Craftastrophe loves you just as much lady! You are wicked awesome!

Oh, I love you too! lol

Amy Kate said...

If you mean that you send me something that I paste into my little blogger template...I have the room and would be happy to toss you up there! I love nipples..Er... I mean jewelry that looks like nipples.
(PS The ring I purchased with the intention of giving it to my niece for Christmas didn't make it to her. I totally kept it for myself. Bwa ha ha. She gets clearance shirts from Steve & Barry's)

one smarmy mama said...

omg. effing hysterical.

Christina said...

I love that button.

That's an ad I would make space for.

Jennifer said...

This is now MY ring... I'm so in love with the famous nipple jewelry ring :)

Thanks Lotta!