Character, Culture, Citizenship Guides

I was thrilled to the moon to be able to add to my Character Culture Citizenship poster collection! These are crazy awesome classroom guides from the early 1930's. They all have messages about health, hygiene and moral character. And the graphics and colors are delicious! The "Friendliness" poster is a bit yellowed, but overall these are by far the most minty of my collection.

How much do you love "Which is Manly?"! To quote The Bloggess "I think a lot."


K said...

Love them!

Gretchen said...

There's no place like home? LOVE IT!

Where do you find these?

Lotta said...

Gretchen - I'll only tell you because I have enough now that I don't have to keep it top secret. I set a "saved search" on ebay with keywords that describe the posters.

Both the "Character..." and titles someone who might not realize what they had would use. "old school poster", etc.

It was a hunt because I became obsessed with these!

Kathi D said...

Oh, I am seriously jealous here!

Those are FABulous!

EmmaK said...

Wow! I didn't realize there were clean fanatics back then. Or maybe there weren't which was why they needed the posters! I still long for the days when we used to bathe once a week and brush our teeth with baking soda ...simpler and smellier days!

underthebigbluesky said...

Have to say i think the second guy is more manly, but i'm a slacker like that.

romy said...

Would you be interested in selling your "friendliness" poster? I have been looking for that one FOREVER and would love to get it for my husband's birthday! Please e-mail me at

Thanks!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi folks, I have a complete 1932 unused set of 36 of these type of posters and I am wanting to part with them. If anyone is interested in purchasing them please email me.


Anonymous said...

I love seeing your collection. I have 34 of the 36 posters in their original box, plus two curriculum guides with extension activities and recommended books, stories and poetry to go with each poster.

These were my Mom's from her first classroom. I am looking for #14 & #16.