Leaves Of Glass Kicks My Ass

Leaves Of Glass is an Etsy jewelry maker (and local Chicagoan) that evokes a mix of respect, admiration, envy and lust in me. Her work is just stunning. She manages to mix my favorite of all aesthetics - brightly colored vintage glass with darker metals.

This bracelet is the most favorite thing I've found on Etsy. Ever.

A friend pointed out that we have a similar style. I say yes, but no. I think I'm the tribute band and she's the actual Beatles. I would admittedly stalk her to find out how she oxidizes her sterling silver so well. And where does she find those kick ass vintage beads? And her photos always have this perfect shaft of sunlight.

Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff. Sigh.


Old School Acres said...

WHAT?!?!?! Surely you jest. I, mean, you love my owls best, right? Right?!? Right?!?!?


I've been perusing etsy tonight and I think I need to win the lottery. Amazing stuff.

Lotta said...

OSA - In the softie category you know you are my number one!

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

you DO have a similar style and holy hell I want that bracelet too!!!

Lotta said...

Aimee - I know! This bracelet is so what I aspire to create I'm afraid to make anything. Or post what I've made. Cause I'm afraid it will look like a pale copy in comparison man.