One Day Pre Closing Sale

I'm going to close up the Etsy shop this Saturday for a bit. Take a break, and then get to work changing some things before I reopen sometime in Feb. Thank you so much for all your pricing advice! I think I have a good new pricing structure to reopen with thanks to your input and a hard look at my supply and fee cost.

The prices will be more consistent overall. Some things will be more expensive and some will be about the same. If I could just give everything away I would do it - I love sending my stuff off in the mail that much. But that plan will have to wait till the lottery lady at the Jewel starts cooperating and giving me some winning scratch offs.

I'm also going to be including pictures of my packaging since people seem to really like it. And a bunch or pretty new jewelry I'm making with some sweet glass and plastic buttons. And silver charms! I've got some awesome charms that look like little hanging beer bottle openers on chains. How much do you want that? A lot I know.

Anyway...It's always more fun to start with a mostly fresh stock. So today I'm having a one day only 30% off sale for Twitter friends and Blog readers. Just put "TWEET" or "YOURSOFLIPPINGAWESOME" in your buyer notes and I'll refund your sweet ass 30% via Paypal after you've paid.

Thanks again for listening to me babble about all this!



SoMo said...

UGH!!! I loved those whiskey and chocolate earrings, even though I don't wear earrings often. Then I saw the whiskey ones and just had to have them, too, since you put everything on 30% off. I guess I will tell the hubby that he already bought my V-Day gift.

I don't even drink!!!!