Trying to get some pink in the shop for Valentines. Like this pink glass ring made from a pair of vintage clip on earrings. And this steampunk nipple ring. Dare you to wear that one a date and then act offended when he comments on it's bionic aureole-like appearance.


Walking With Scissors said...

Nipple or no, I LOVE that ring. Love it. Would the antiqued copper band make my finger turn green, though?

I wouldn't be ashamed of wearing a nipply flower on my finger. Just sayin'.

mark said...

I've been meaning to tell you that your inventory is weak in the vintage nipple ring department. I'm sure you'll remedy that, and this is a good start.

Lotta said...

WWS - I'm pretty picky about my ring bases. And I've given these copper bands a few test runs and have not had any greening happening. But you know - I'm always happy to do a cash return if you ever find it does.

Mark - Thanks for the feedback!