Don't Sneeze On These!

When I saw these Save The Date hankies on Doobleh-vay's blog I was just itchy with desire. How flipping fantastic are these? Wouldn't they be great as baby shower invitations? Or a tea party themed birthday?

They were designed by Lucky Luxe, a super impressive graphic designer. I love how she can go from one style to another in her invitations. I have no idea how she made these, but I'm thinking if you wanted to attempt this at home you could try doing it with Bubble Jet Set.

I've got a stash of vintage hankies and now this project is going on the list with the 2016 other projects I want to try. Gah! I'm still itching from the cuteness of this.


IamSusie said...

These are gorgeous! I have a huge drawer full of vintage hankies, but I have a really hard time cutting them up or changing them in any way.

jen duncan said...

Love it!
I'd use some iron on t-shirt transfer stuff. The kind that isn't shiny and obvious. Thanks for the share!

Kathi D said...

I'm covering my eyes and saying "la la la la la" because those are so great and I just can't can't can't can't have another list item now!

Lotta said...

Kathi - I feel the same!