Tonight at son's Karate class I tried to talk to one of the instructors. It was before class had started and it was just he and I in the hall. This instructor was young, a bit rotund and has one of those nearly there mustaches.

I asked him if they were going to talk to the kids about when it was appropriate to use Karate. Because son had mentioned wanting to go Tae Kwon Do on a kid on the bus. To which the instructor said said, "No! No! That's what it's for. Attack! Defending yourself!". Then he took off lightening fast all of the sudden.

I thought perhaps I hadn't heard something; a cry for help in the distance perhaps? He ran back and forth down the hallway as fast as can be, his face all red and intense. Then he broke away and ran into the sparring room and started kicking the shit out of a freestanding punching bag. Then karate chopping it. Then kicking some more. All the while yelling out some sort of karate attack language. Then bowed out of the room and walked away. Conversation over apparently.

Next time I'm going to tell him it's really brave of him to teach karate. Because I heard people who teach karate are big pussies. What do you think he'll do then? Hi-Yaaaa!


Kathi D said...

I think that's an EXCELLENT idea! (Call me first and I'll bring my fists of steel.)

Gwen said...

Is this a true story? For real?

Old School Acres said...

LOL!! I dare you ;)

Did you get my email?

Lunch Buckets said...

Someone's getting kicked off the bus soon. I can feel it.