Must Read!

"JJEEEEENNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! DO NOT TAKE THAT SHIT! What the fuck kind of a goddamned doctor do you fucking have anyway??? You need one like mine where I’ll call up and be all, “Hmm. Yes it’s Ms.Kappes and I need refills on my vicodin, valium, dexadrine and dilaudid. Oh, and throw in some more syringes. And some morphine suppositories* Of course I want them delivered you bitch!"
Get your butt over to The Bloggess to read the most hilarious letters ever written. This Bloggess fan-friend could just take her letters to Kinkos, get them bound, and then sell them on the street for some hard ass cash.


Zeynep said...

Nancy is my hero!

Delicateflowah said...

"Judy Garland Trail Mix"! PRICELESS!