Not As Stimulated As I Imagined

What I thought we would spend our tax return on:

1.) A big old Costco bust-up. Giant size boxes of toilet paper!

2.) A weekend trip to a water park hotel!

3.) A railing for our steps out front so the postman doesn't sue us when he takes a fall.

What we actually spent it on:

1.) Bringing the mortgage up to date so we aren't sneaking in our payment right at the end of the grace period.

2.) Bringing our obscenely high gas bill current.

3.) Mother flipping student loans.

It does feel great to catch up with bills. Though the grumpy old lady in me wants to know where the hell her jumbo box of granola bars are. Dammit.


SP said...

Those are the things I would have spent my return on if I was actually getting a return.

Two days until payday. Hooray! I need my pretty rings.

Lotta said...

We're getting one because we had two tonsil/adenoid surgeries this year. And I tracked every gosh darned band-aid so we could get as large of a medical deduction as possible.

Oh, and I gave our accountant a BJ. But that might not count since it's just my husband on Quicken.

K said...

Same here...I wonder where all the money went then I notice the phone hasn't been ringing off the hook with 800 numbers...could be a connection.

Jen said...

We're getting a pretty decent refund because we bought a house this year. I guess we are going to pay off a vehicle since I'm soon to be unemployed. That should make me happy but I rather have something new and shiny (mayhaps a new macbook)

LSL said...

Fuck. That comment make me forget what I was going to say. Awesome, Lotta.

laughingatchaos said...

I haven't even started to do my taxes yet. Might wanna get on that, I suppose. I could really use that coin to get the boys to summer camp.

Amy Kate said...

Yeah, husband is pretty sure we aren't getting a refund this year, but won't bring home the paperwork so I can do the taxes and figure it out.
Which sucks, as we just found out that we need a new transmission on our bajillion year old P.O.S. mini-van, which we would almost NOT bother doing, except for the fact that we JUST put in $2000 a month ago. Seriously, God? Really?
I'm in a grumpy funk about all things financial lately...In no small part because I'm debating if I need to go back to work and I don't want to, don't want it to be decided based on a damn transmission, but, man this sucks balls. And not in a fun way.
Sorry for hijacking the comment board. Baaah!!!

SoMo said...

Wait! What? People get money back from their taxes? Please tell me more. :)

Diana said...

So glad to hear we won't be the only one paying bills this year. The huz picked the *perfect* time to break his damned clavicle and be off work. You know, the time right after I transition to working at home and don't have a substantial enough income yet. Yeah, *that* time. Ugh! I had grand plans for it to go into savings - and worked my ass off tracking expenses to ensure we'd actually get something back this year. So much for that.

Whoops. Just realized I used your blog for my rant. Sorry 'bout that.