Slowly Restocking

Got a batch of new button rings in the shop today! I'll be restocking throughout the week - but I admit I'm most excited to list my new earrings. And hope I can get those up before Monday. The wire wrapping skills are getting better and I found some really pretty antique glass beads.

I've still got to do packaging pics - but seems like whenever I start to do some work the kids need something. The leg humping is a bit worse than usual since the weather changed. We are getting a whiff of spring with warm and cozy 40 degree weather instead of the usual -18. Smok'n hot in Chicagoland it is!


SoMo said...

I was going to write you an email, but here is as good a place as any. I love the 2 sets of earrings I got, today. They are more beautiful in person than in pictures.

So happy with them, thanks.