Button Button Who's Got The Buttons?

"For a size-to-happiness ratio, you're getting a very good deal with a paper sack of vintage buttons." - Inside A Black Apple

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite Etsy button sources with you all! I'm going to post my top 6 shops in two installments. Because it's gorgeous outside and I can't justify sitting in front of this computer too much longer!

Also, I've found that I would rather pay a bit more for a single, awesome button (or small handful of buttons) then get a big Ebay bargain. Most often you can only use a few of in your bargain stash and it's not such a great deal after all. So these are the shops that I think offer the best buttons for the buck with this quality over quantity theory in mind.

The first three...

1. Cara Lilia - She's got discerning taste in buttons. You won't find a pile of shirt buttons with one covetable detailed one placed on the top. If she sells you a stash they will all be fantastic! Plus she's as nutty about clean buttons as I am - we both wash them with dish soap and toothbrushes.

2. Becali Jewels - The best kind of button seller, a button hoarder! She's been collecting for a long time and has shoe boxes filled with buttons in her home. She's got a great stock and if you keep watching her store you'll catch some fantastic collections listed. But snatch them up quickly! Because the really unique ones that she lists go super quick.

3. Vintage Necessities - I've been shopping her buttons for a long time. If you contact her to tell her what you're looking for she'll keep her eye out for you when she treasure hunts. She brought back some great stuff for me from her trip to France. She's also a jewelry maker and has some really cute stuff made with buttons (of course), bottle caps and other vintage finds.

And some button hunting tips;

1.) Search at night and on weekends. Sadly, you can't support yourself on button sales alone, so most sellers post after they get home from their day jobs.

2.) Ask! Wondering if they have more that they haven't had a chance to list. Um, yes. They do. Buttons are finicky to photograph and most sellers have big old stashes piled up. Let them know what you're hoping to find.

3.) When you go to Etsy don't just search under the "Supplies" category. Also look under "Vintage" in the pulldown menu. Some sellers don't think of their buttons as a supply but rather a collectible.

4.) Even though you may call a button "vintage". Make sure you search under other keywords too. Some people just put the material, "Bakelite". And some use an adjective like "Antique" or "Older".

More to come! Please put your favorites in the comments if you like. I'll compile and share with everyone.


nicedaydesigns said...

I am a complete button hound, thanks for the tips, I hearted all those shops immediatly and I'm looking forward to the next installment.
I have a local craft shop that sells a giant bag for just over $10, I use all the big ones and sell(hoard) the smaller ones.
Also last year I did an album cover and was paid with a really giant stash of vintage buttons(his Dad had owned a haberdashery years ago).I can't bring myself to sell them, they are too beautiful.
Some of my favorite button sellers on etsy


cityprole said...

Thanks for these great listings! I'm always searching for those elusive perfect buttons for accessorizing my hats, neckwarmers, etc. Really appreciate the hints, too!

Anonymous said...

I just posted some at http://www.roxypop.etsy.com

FlyingButtons said...

I love vintage buttons! I sell fabric covered button hair accessories and goodies on my etsy site, http://www.FlyingButtons.etsy.com, but nothing beats a nice set of vintage buttons. I have thousands that peek at me everyday from my organzier bins. I can't bear to part with them!

Kristin :)

Anonymous said...


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