Jewelry Open House Invite

Friday, March 13th I'm having a Lucky Friday jewelry party. Actually an open house, all day from 10 to 5. If you live in the Chicagoland area and want to stop in I would love to see you. (Provided you are not coming to kill me or take unflattering pictures.)

If you would like directions, shoot me an email tsvobo1526 (@) comcast (dot) net.

Hope to see you if you can!



Lola said...


I didn't know you were in the Chicagoland area. Cool. I don't think I could make the jewelry party, but thanks for putting the invite out there.

I don't know if you've come across it, but a fellow blogger is having a Chicago area bloggers meet-up in April. Stop by my blog and you can click over to hers for all the details. Her badge is the first one on my sidebar.

I always enjoy your blog. Hope you can make the meet-up, it should be fun.

plumtickled said...

Man, I wish I did! I don't live near anybody cool....

I hope you sell out!

Lulu said...

Shucks....two weeks too late - I was in your part o' the country last weekend.