Part II - Button Button Who's Got The Buttons?

In Part I shared my top 3 favorite Etsy button sellers. But before I list the last three shops - a quick update. Cara Lilia wanted me to let you all know that she just stocked up her store. So you might want to give her shop a second look. She hasn't steered me wrong yet!

4. Who's Got The Button - Ok, I swear I didn't mean to name these posts after this store. But it had to have been stuck in my subconscious. Who's Got The Button has fantastic vintage base buttons. Simple, clean lines, perfect condition, pierced plastic buttons. Take the time to click the different color categories when you take a look, it's worth it!

5. Crazy Cakes - If you like old Czech glass buttons this is where you need to be. Crazy Cakes has a stunning collection to chose from. She's also got Czech glass buttons without any shanks on the back. If you make button rings this will save you oodles of time, and possibly fingertips, otherwise spent dremeling off the backsides of buttons. Also worth a look is her adorable supply shop, Crazy Buttons.

6. Vintage Vendor - She doesn't have a big stash of sewing buttons. But what she does have is a really lovely, choice selection of vintage plastic figurals (also called realistics or goofies). All the buttons I have ordered from her have been in tip top condition as well.

That's it! Happy button hunting!


Lisa said...

Hey- Thanks for the shout-out!

Lisa - (WGTB!)

Indy Grrrl said...

I LOVE the title for this post : )

VintageVendor said...

I enjoyed looking at everyone's buttons. Thank you so much for including mine.