Vintage Commercial Gals

How I imagine dinner at our house from my husband's perspective.

This ad seems charming until we realize that this poor woman's been bamboozled. Also I'm going to start saying, "Fine" the way the woman in this commercial does. "Fiiine."


SoMo said...

That Banquet commerical is scary. Did that woman forget her medication for the day?

thecraftbegins said...

holy crap this describes my life so well, it's scary. When did it become 1950 again?

PS I want that stay-wag!

Miss Yvonne said...

Me thinks Dave is taking the new Ford to visit his mistress in the city.

C Lo said...

fuck that, if we get a new second car, IT'S MINE, dang it! :)

juliet said...

Wait, she gots no kiddies yet still stays home? We's the ones been bamboozled : (

Lotta said...

Somo - I would say she perfected the dose.

Thecraft - We've got one car too. Husband takes the train during the week but on's fiiiiine.

C-Lo - Ditto!

Juliet - Ha! She is helping with the PTA. She probally had them after she got married at the old age of 18. So she looks young but has a 14 year old.