Delicious Ebay Finds

I found this little piece of heaven on ebay tonight.

"Neat vintage silver charm from the 40's, a rotating chicken on a spit over a fire! Turn the crank and chicken goes round and round."

Drool. Then I found it in gold baby!

"You are looking at a vintage solid 14k yellow gold ROTISSERI CHICKEN charm. Opens and the chicken rotates, by moving the little handle on the side."

Who's going to be playing the scratch off lottery
tomorrow in hopes of winning the dosh for these glorious pieces? Me. Who now has a saved Ebay search called, "Chicken Spit". Me again.


Lulu said...

Ok, maybe my mind is in the gutter, because when I first looked at the large picture of the chicken on the spit, It looked like there was some chicken lovin' going on.

Betts said...

I couldn't even tell what it was until I read the description, but it could have something to do with a glass of wine at dinner and a martini after.

Lotta said...

Lulu - I want to join you but I can't see the dirty! Just the yummy chicken.