Sunday Sunday Sunday Sale!

The craft show was a lot of fun. Gwen brought me hot chocolate and hung out with me for most of the afternoon. And Jenny came bearing awesomely trashy magazines and a diet coke. I felt very spoiled!

Sold a nice amount of things. It was a church sale, in a church basement with lots of really nice people. I met some new vendors that were telling me all about which craft shows I should check out.

The best part was selling a sexy/naughty Cracker Jack charm necklace to this adorable 80 year old woman. She said, "I'll wear this every day!". We should all keep our sense of humor that long. The worst part was the poor lady in the booth behind me with really bad gas. Ironically, she was placed right next to someone selling some good smelling potpourri. Or perhaps the gassy lady has worked the show before and that was strategy on the organizers part?

As usual, I got all hyper making a giant stock of goodies for the show - so I'm doing a one day sale to get myself psyched up to photograph and list all the new stuff.

So today only - Sunday Sunday Sunday - 30% off everything! As usual, I'll refund you via paypal or send you an adjusted invoice. Whichever works for you. Thanks!


Indy Grrrl said...

Oh, nooooo...gas lady! One time, I was getting a massage and the therapist let one go. I almost threw up. I'm never going back to her again.

Luckily, the gas problem didn't hurt your sales : )

Jenny said...

When you wrote that the vendors were telling you about "which craft" I read it as witchcraft like three times before I figured out what you meant. I was so confused...witchcraft, really, at the Lutheran church?

I think that the gas and potpourri had to be preplanned. It just makes sense.

Glad that it went well and so glad we got to chat for a little bit.

sweetbabies00 said...

you guys are so cute, I think reading the responses is like the icing on the cake. LOL