Wii Are Family

We checked out Wii Carnival Games from the library and gave it a go after bath time last night. Very cool games on it! I'm a sucker for the horse racing and the kids loved alley ball.

Son got a smaller cast put on. Why red? Because "it's the color of blood", silly!

Husband and I tried out Wii CSI after the kids went to bed. Tedious and boring we thought. But we're not CSI fans in general. It was just the only "adult" Wii game on the library shelf.

Do you think they have Wii porn games? Can you imagine how you would use the numchuck? I shudder to think.

But they should come up with a Wii Mad Men game (that's my kind of porn anyways). You would have to assemble the best ad campaign for the clients. And earn bonus points by smoking the client's brand of cigarettes or remembering to put bloody mary's on the table for meetings. As you move up you earn a hot retro secretary.

And if you want to play as Betty Draper you earn points by repressing your rage and dressing gorgeously. Upgrades include riding lessons and a night out with Don and his new clients.

You know you and half the ad agencies in town would line up for that game!

*If you enlarge the first picture by clicking on it, I have to tell you that's not dust on the second shelf of the coffee table. It's cocaine. Just so we're clear.


geelizzie said...

I wasn't looking at the dust but at your husband. That is one handsome man!

C Lo said...

yeah, yer husband is a hottie.

where did you get those prints on your wall?

Lotta said...

Don't I know it ladies! Fell in love at first sight with him at age 14. He's as nice as he is cute too.

Funny you would ask about the prints. I got those years ago from my Aunt out of some obscure graphic design poster book. But then I just saw them on Etsy the other day!

They are Italian postcards - I don't know if the ones listed are as large as my posters though.


MnRooMom said...

I just love your blog! Long time reader, seldom commenter. But, had to because my husband just showed me this... the Shii ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SXNAtwYMBw And it seemed to address your Wii games for adults segment.

Miss Yvonne said...

Your family is so cute! Who cares about dust/cocaine on your coffee table when your man looks like that!

michele said...

Glad to see I wasn't the only one who looked right past the darling little girl, the cocaine on the table, and the cute prints on the wall to the hot husband. You were smart to call dibs on him early.

Lotta said...

You guys are cracking me up! Good to be reminded of his hotness though. Sometimes you get to accustomed!

Lotta said...

Mn - Funny link!